Sunflowers on Smallholdings

We’ve been watching, with joy, a sunflower plant which sprang up at our back door. The seed probably landed there when the parrot’s dish was cleaned. As is clear from the photos it has reached an astonishing height.
Not many farmers in Gauteng grow sunflowers commercially ~ they prefer the climate in North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Free State.
Although this arbitrary plant grew in February/March on our plot in Bredell, it is better to plant them from November to January. Some varieties can be sown in May, but it’s best to start long after any danger of frost has passed.
It took about a week for the petals to appear completely.
The plant is indigenous to North America. American Indians had multiple uses for sunflowers: along with cooking them, they used them to make medicines, dyes and body paints.