Your Marketing Strategy

Many smallholders try to supplement their income with goods and services from their plot. In order to do this you need a marketing strategy, which is a plan of action designed to promote and sell your wares.
A marketing strategy should be centred on the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Without customers you will not survive or exist.
Possible questions to ask when formulating a good marketing strategy:
• Are you growing your business or are you entering into a new market?
• When and how will you sell your products?
• What gives you the competitive edge, how will you penetrate the market?
• Is there a gap in the market?
• Most importantly – is there a market in the gap? You might have identified a product or a service that is not being provided, but you must be sure that you have buyers for what you are offering.
• Do you already have a market before you start your business? This provides critical information to a financier for a decision to be taken on a loan application as it provides information on your projected sales and income.
• Who are your competitors?
• Have you considered the 4 Ps:
o Price,
o Promotion,
o Packaging
o Place.
• Are there opportunities for value adding?
• Will the macro environment your business will operate in affect your business and your marketing? There are six major macro environment forces:
o Cultural,
o Demographic,
o Economic,
o Natural,
o Political,
o Technological.