What’s in a Name?

Gauteng smallholdings can be found in areas with a variety of names.
Do you know the origin of the name of your area?
We live in Bredell and it was named after Paul Kruger’s son-in-law, to whom he gave the farm as a reward for his war services. When we first moved here we were told that Bredell was Oom Paul’s private secretary and many thought that Kruger had spent his last night in the Transvaal here, before he went to Delagoa Bay, with those legendary millions.
Rayton, founded by the Montrose Diamond Mining Co, was named after Mrs Ray Wollaston, the wife of the general manager.
Another diamond mining connection is, obviously, Cullinan, which was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who was the founder of the Premier Diamond Mine.
Delmas is derived from the French for “small farm” and was given to the area by a Frenchman called Frank Dumas.
Gauteng has its fair share of names ending in “-poort”,”-spruit” or “-fontein”.
Pomona was named after the goddess of fruit and the story goes that it got the name because of the orchards planted there by Portuguese settlers.
Apparently Pelindaba means “end of story” or “the conclusion” ~ one wonders why the area was named that and can anyone tell us about Mnandi or Kyalami?
There must be pioneering history in Dewagensdrif and Wapadrand, but many names are pretty puzzling. Vischkuil for example and what about Pyramid?
We’d love to hear from you if you know the background to the name of your area.

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  • I was told that Emmarentia was named after the wife or daughter of the wealthy land owner of that area when it was still a farmstead. The family are still buried there. The original house was one there that has huge palm trees either side of the entrance. It was still there when I used to live there.