Types of Beekeeper

Beekeeping can take many forms: From a one-hive hobbyist who merely puts a bit of honey on his own table, through a hobbyist with 50 or more hives who does it to make a bit of pin-money, to a semi-professional and professional with hundreds of hives and, hopefully, a reasonable income.
But the fact is that beekeeping, while it may be a satisfying job choice, is not an instant road to riches, despite the price one pays for honey in the supermarket.
There’s a lot involved ~ by way of knowledge and equipment, and it is surprisingly hard, hot work.
Small hobbyist
A small hobbyist will have from one to 50 hives, probably on both his own property and sited on those of friends and acquaintances.
He works alone with the occasional assistance of a fellow beekeeper, or family member or friend.
He pays no wages, except for a small gift or monetary hand-out occasionally.
He is not all that interested in the costs so long as he has ample pocket money, and he keeps going till his money runs out.
He doesn’t do many of the more business-like aspects of professional beekeeping such as swarm replacement and he usually has a heap of disused and surplus hives, supers and frames in his backyard.
He supplies honey at a cut price to friends, and possibly a small group of regular buyers such as his neighbours.
He does not migrate his bees (send the hives out to farmers for pollination purposes), and local gum plantations are his “happy hunting grounds.”

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